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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Following the on-going System Up-grade, and data migration to Online Mineral Title Administration by the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office (The MCO), all Valid Mineral Title Holders are required to immediately update the MCO with details of their current Company Profile (Contact details) as follows:

  1. Company Name, Current Phone Number and email addresses
  2. Company Representative Current Phone Number and email address
  3. Names of Company Current Board of Directors  Phone Numbers and email addresses
  4. Names of Company Current Shareholders and Beneficial Owners Phone Numbers and email addresses
  5. Current Company Address (Location including major Landmark)
  6. Any other necessary information not covered above.

2. The above Contact details should be forwarded in soft copies to the following email addresses within two (2) weeks from the date of this Publication to enable the MCO successfully migrate all Valid Mineral Titles to the new eMC+ Online System of Mineral Title Administration:

  1. info@miningcadastre.gov.ng
  2. rds@miningcadastre.gov.ng

3. Any and all subsequent and future change in the information to be supplied above should be communicated to the MCO within Seven (7) days of the change of information.

4. NOTE that failure to send in the required details within stipulated time indicated in 2. above as an immediate response to this advert, implies that your company will not be migrated to the new system, and this may hinder further transactions with the MCO.

5.  Please ensure immediate and strict compliance with these requirements.



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