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About MCO

About Nigerian Mining Cadastral Office

The Nigerian Mining Cadastre Office (NMCO) came into being following the Federal Government’s Mining Sector reform programme which was implemented by Ministry of Mines and Steel Development in collaboration with the World Bank Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project.

The NMCO, which became an autonomous Agency of Government, as provided by section 5(1) of the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, (2007), is responsible for the management and administration of mineral titles, considered to be the cornerstone of a secure mineral rights system.


To provide an independent, efficient and transparent Mining Cadastre system which grants and administers mining licences and permits in accordance with best international practices.


To deliver service reliably, effectively and professionally using objective standards and procedures, in accordance with the provisions of the enabling law.

What We Do

The Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office is empowered by the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007 to perform the following functions:

  • Receive, consider and dispose of applications for mineral titles and permits as well as applications for the transfer, renewal, modification, and relinquishment of mineral titles or extension of areas;
  • Grant, issue, suspend and (with the approval of the Minister) revoke mineral titles;
  • Maintain a chronological record of all applications for mineral titles in a Priority Register and General Register and maintain the cadastral registers;
  • Create and maintain a database of all mineral titles and applications; and
  • Create and maintain a cartographic database of all mineral titles and applications in both paper and electronic formats (the cadastral maps).

In processing mineral titles, the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office is governed by the following basic principles:

  • Priority (first come, first served);
  • Objectivity (based on legally- defined sets of regulations and procedures);
  • Non-discretionary (same rules for all);
  • Transparency (open to consultation of the maps and registers).

The success of the mining sector of any nation is determined by the level of the presence of well-known junior and major International Mining companies. Since the implementation of the reform programmes carried out by the Ministry which led to the creation of the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office, Nigeria has witnessed the entry of a number of junior mining companies especially from Australia, Canada, the UK, China, Japan, South Africa etc. exploring for various metallic minerals and precious metals. The Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office is determined to ensure that it creates a favourable environment to retain these investors and attract even more.

Cadastre Online

A functional online Mining Cadastre for viewing and querrying the existing mining titles is currently under preparation. You can get a first glance at the upcoming web application by clicking the link below:

Cadastre Online Map