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NOTICE is hereby given to the under-listed Mineral Title Holders to pay up their Annual Service
Fee, due and accruable to the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), within Thirty (30) days from the
date of this publication.
FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that if after the expiration of the Thirty (30) days notice, you fail or
neglect to pay up the said outstanding service fee to the FGN, the Mining Cadastre Office (The Office), shall
immediately proceed and revoke your said Mineral Title Licence(s) without any further notice to you.
NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN TO ALL Persons, companies etc., who had their Mineral Title(s) revoked
before now and had outstanding liabilities (Annual Service fees) against them prior to the revocation of their
Title(s), are also hereby given Thirty (30) days notice to pay up all their outstanding liabilities (indebtedness) in
line with Section 155 of the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007, failure of which all necessary steps,
including Legal action (Prosecution) shall be taken to recover all the outstanding Annual Service fees and or
liabilities as the case may be and without any further notice.
PLEASE NOTE that this list is not exhaustive. All Mineral Title Holders who are in default of their
statutory obligation in any way how soever, should immediately take necessary steps to reconcile their records
with the Office within this notice period as contained in the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette.
** This notice is without prejudice to the interest of Mineral Title holders whose names appear in the
above list and have complied with the statutory requirements. This category should reconcile their records
with the Office.


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