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Departments and Units

The Agency has a Director-General/CEO as its head with four departments headed by Directors namely,

  • Registry
  • Concession
  • Monitoring and Coordination
  • Human Resources and Finance
  • Legal Services



This department takes care of the following

  • Manage all Extant Mineral titles
  • Processing all applications for Modification such as Renewal, Transfer/Assignments, Additional Minerals, Consolidation Relinquishment/Abandonment,¬†Process and keeps all records of Revoked, Expired, Refused applications, etc.
  • Keeps all records and Statistics of transactions of the office
  • Collate data from all departments for periodic reports


This department performs the following functions:

  • Receive all applications for Mineral Titles
  • Process applications for Mineral Titles and issued Grants and Certificates
  • Maintain the special data of the office
  • Field verification

Legal Services
This unit deals all litigations arising from mineral titles administration and also advises the offices on its day to day activities

Human Resources and Finance

This department takes of the administration of the office

Monitoring and Coordination

This department coordinates all the zonal offices on the following:

  • Conflict resolution on consent letters as issued by communities.
  • Site verification claims


There are also six units made up of

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit,
  • Press Unit
  • Public Relation and Protocol Units.
  • Procurement unit
  • Store Unit

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

This unit manages the use of the computers, software, network, and ICT infrastructures for the efficient running of the NMCO. It is also in charge of maintaining the website and portal of the agency.

Internal Audit Unit

This unit ensures all the accounting transactions of the office are audited and conform to acceptable norms

Press Unit


Public Relations and Protocol Unit

This unit is responsible for coordinating activities in the event of any occasion